A Few “Most Surreal Seven Weeks” Limericks

by Joel Kravitz

statue of liberty

Seven weeks. Wow. From Inauguration Day until today, everyday has seen controversy and confrontation from the White House which has provided the Republican Congress with a smoke screen while they pass legislation for their ultra-conservative agenda which promotes their “rich get richer, poor get poorer” ideology. And that led to this… a limerick look at the lowlights so far.

So far Trump has been unimpressive,
Predictably obsessive and excessive.
Trump learned to play
The Roy Cohn way….
Fight back and be more aggressive.

The silence and slights to the Jews are implicit
To the anti-Semitism that they elicit.
Jewish America should be nervous
By Trump’s reluctant lip service…
Denouncing hate should be strong and explicit.

The administration does not mention the death of six million Jews on Holocaust Day and then the President suggested that Jewish anti-Trump activists may have committed the hate crimes to make him look bad. But he has Jewish friends and his daughter and son-in-law are Jewish…..

Trump signed Bannon’s executive order
Saying it would protect our border.
His travel ban and wall
Sure say it all….
Lady Liberty’s afraid he’ll deport her.

Showing off his misogynist disdain,
He kept a promise from his campaign.
Trump’s up to no good.
He killed Planned Parenthood….
He’ll learn messing with women’s insane.

 But ladies, time to get after it!

2 Responses to “A Few “Most Surreal Seven Weeks” Limericks”

  1. Joel….an interesting perspective….Is Trump related the son of Satan?


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