tinkerbelles’s story

by Singledust


I love Peter Pan
But he loves Wendy
I can fly and so can he
But he doesn’t want me

I know she’s a Darling
And I am just a tiny pea
Can’t he see my heart beats
Beneath the fairy dust me?

Peter Pan, he loves Wendy
and only smiles at silly me
even though we both can fly
Together to eternity


12 Comments to “tinkerbelles’s story”

  1. Love the whimsy and heartache of this

  2. Good poem on Peter Pan

    Peter Pan, the play, was Mary Martin
    Her son played J R Ewing, the oil magnet
    On Dallas

    The only saga of love
    And two turtle doves
    Are Popeye and Olive
    A can of spinach
    A true lasting love

    • Thank you! I was mulling the idea of creating a little side story for Tinkerbelle, in short verses every week, she has invaded my thoughts recently. I was intrigued by your comment on Mary Martin and googled it, never knew there was such a play. thank you for telling me! I have heard of Larry Hagman but am interested to read more on this musical, I love musicals!! was the rhyming verse yours on popeyes and olives?

  3. Loved this!! So wonderfully done! It was great the way you intertwined the three characters and the yearning of your unrequited love. No fun, not to be seen? Loved the lines – “Can’t he see my heart beats, Beneath the fairy dust me?

    Keep writing more like this for your followers. What a great idea about a side story on Tinkerbelle.

    • you liked that line? i did too. imagined her soft yet squeaky voice saying it, pouty lips and all. I might do another one this weekend, see what she whispers in my ear tonight – thanks Charles – happy to read your comments! makes me float! almost like i can fly too!

      • Happy that you felt that way! Close your eyes and see things like the opening of a movie and then write what you see with words. I love this way of writing. It seems to make things a little easier. We will all be waiting for the follow ups – No Pressure! Ha! Show us you floating and flying!!

      • we need so sort of inspiration and I had seen some writes doing a Cinderella story re-written. did not like Cinderella as I thought Tink was feisty and more like the hidden me! thanks Charles for your support of my writing!

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