A journey begun…

by Jem Croucher


I try to write a poem every single day
Sparing time for words about working or just play
About eating stuff or sleeping or drinking cups of tea
Or listening to music or walking by the sea

Sometimes I can’t find a pen (at least one that I like)
which is a bit frustrating and unhelpful to my psych
For writing is a part of me and the journey I’ve begun
So I need to get some verses out before a day is done

I’ve said before that this can be about ‘most anything
For I have the knack it seems to make words come alive and sing
So even if the subject is one verging on the boring
The way I’ll craft the words will keep the reader there from snoring

So I’ll just keep on writing and publishing each day
And I know that folk will join me for the journey on the way
They’ll share a little, read some words, enjoy a verse or two
And mention this is passing which will bring it back to you

So the circle replicates itself on the journey we’ve begun
One that tells of life in words, of ‘joie de vivre’ and fun
Wordsmithery in crafted words from me ‘most every day
Partnered by the readers who’ve joined me on the way



6 Comments to “A journey begun…”

  1. Great Exposure suggested by Jem
    Poems are a daily fixation
    At least they are to me
    They expose my inner feelings

    Some great
    Some not so
    But to enjoy poems
    By others
    Puts me in the know

  2. I agree. Half the fun of starting this blogging journey has been experiencing the wordsmithery (great word, by the way) of others, especially on this site. Nicely put, Jem!

  3. “Sometimes I can’t find a pen (at least one that I like)
    which is a bit frustrating and unhelpful to my psych”
    A tiny yet relatable struggle. Love this!

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