A Few “Addressing The Congressional Address” Limericks

by Joel Kravitz


For the first time since his inauguration, President Trump stood in front of Congress and a live television audience and looked and sounded presidential. It was encouraging for the short time that it lasted. The speech drew applause as he said the right things about rebuilding the country. The widow of the fallen Navy Seal was an emotional high point, though critics questioned Trump exploiting her.

What was deafening during Trump’s speech was the silence from him about Social Security and “draining the swamp,” both a big part of his campaign promises. And all that led to this……

Sounding presidential was something new.
Now let’s see some follow through.
At the end of the day,
It’s not what you say….
It’s only about what you do!

There were too many things left unsaid,
And is “unsaid” intentionally misled?
Is Social Security secure?
I am not sure…..
Have the Baby Boomers been left for dead?

He didn’t mention swamp draining success,
Because there hasn’t been any, I guess.
The record will show
His cabinet’s Billionaire’s Row….
On board The Rich Get Richer Express!


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