hush chills

by B

the leaves twist their fingers
telling the wind to hush
as it prattles on, rushing across
the necks of rivers, slithering up
the spines of bridges, biting
at the ridges of mountain tops
making them look like half
eaten chocolate bars wrapped in snow
white tinfoil gleaming in the
sunlight running, streaming
across the curly hair of clouds
birds loudly call out, wondering
why their echoes shout back at them,
returning from across the land as they stand
on wires burning electricity
bent within their hands

© Brianna – Tiny Fawns Writings
Thank you for reading my first poem submission for Poet’s Corner. 🙂


9 Comments to “hush chills”

  1. Reblogged this on Tiny Fawns Writings and commented:

    Everyone, in addition to my daily posts here on Tiny Fawns Writings, I have officially started sharing at least one or two poems a week over on Poet’s Corner. It’s a great place where a lot of amazing poets gather to share poetry. I can only hope to become as skilled and talented as they are with their writing. If you are interested, I hope you check out this site – I highly recommend it! 🙂

  2. Great imagery in this poem

  3. Welcome Brianna and a lovely poem to start with.

  4. This was masterfully done! Loved your lines – “biting at the ridges of mountain tops
    making them look like half eaten chocolate bars wrapped in snow
    white tinfoil” What a wonderful and imaginative description! Kudos.

  5. Vivid imagination Brie!!!!

    Arctic Winds
    A cold northern wind blows
    On my daffodils
    This bitter spring

    We are about to do the Flower Count
    Where did the ground hog go?
    As I brush of my abacus
    We expect a glorious show!

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