a tiny snowflake in a city by the lake

by Singledust

I walked into the city one cold windy day and saw a man in gray
He had an umbrella made of steel with fine lines on display
I had seen that kind of umbrella once before
Described in a story I read while sitting on the floor

I love the bright lights of the city against the icy wetness of the rain
The splash of the puddles on my feet and against the glass window panes
Reminds me of a little lost bear looking for home
And someone took him to a place where he would not be alone

The loud sounds of the city gets muffled by the night
And sometimes snowflakes on their downward flight
Absorb the sounds and even some smells so well
You feel like you are walking through an empty air well

It was in a windy city on the banks of a famous lake
That I saw and caught my first tiny snowflake
I let it rest on the sleeve of my dark brown coat
As I watched a thousand others descend and float


4 Comments to “a tiny snowflake in a city by the lake”

  1. Welcome to poets corner Gina, a lovely start.

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