by Harry

Submitted by সূর্য গুপ্ত



Her thoughts flashed across time and space
At the speed of light
A digital age. A smiley face
On his phone a greeting

Ages back. In youth now spent
They had loved. Young love. Puppy love.
Who am I to say.
He knew not then – what’s clear now
Did not know a second love
May never come again.

He walked away, he did not stay
He did not turn to see
If she cried or how she bled.
When he walked away.

She reached out to him through time and space
A smiley face, a second chance.
Its just her way.

Their paths had split, gone separate ways
Ups and downs, theyd lived their days
A little bit of her he carried
A little joy, a little pain
A smiley face, a second chance
Gonna find some redemption

Feedback and comments are what keeps me going…so yeah let me know.

4 Comments to “REDEMPTION”

  1. This was Awesome! It really captured a wonderful feeling! Makes me want to read the next installment. LOL! Is there a publish date on it yet? Excellent. Made me a little sad – the mark of a successful poem!

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