Dracula’s Victim

by kim blades, writer

Dark clad wanderer in the night

sinks his teeth in deep and sucks with might

crimson blood from the neck of a terrified woman

her job as a whore makes her feel awful and common

But she is also a mother and daughter and so much more

roles the hungry dark traveller can easily ignore

for him she is a food source easily bled

and he leaves her lying faint but not dead


In a few hours she will rise ravenous but weak

and seek to satisfy her craving with nearly raw meat

soon this will not be pure enough to satisfy her hunger

so she takes to the street no longer a whore but a hunter


A victim of no man’s lust and debauchery

she walks strong and tall and no longer cautiously

occasionally she sees her maker high up on the Tor

but she is cool and remote and Dracula’s victim no more.


image by  angel-of-the-night.centreblog.net


3 Comments to “Dracula’s Victim”

  1. Ooh this is different and I love the change her character as from before and what she reforms in to.

  2. Thank you. I felt like a change in genre myself.

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