A “‘Honey, Rollover’ Days Are Over” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz


Women will save America. That’s our only chance and they will come through. Women leaders will emerge and Democracy will work the way that it is supposed to, when it affects positive change where the greatest good is shared by the greatest number of people. Trump made a big mistake by turning his back on the women who put him in the office. He believes that the educated middle class women that voted for him support him, which is not the case. They voted against Hillary because they saw her as a “business as usual” scumbag politician. They closed their eyes, they held their noses and they voted for a business man who was exposed as an unusually vicious and unashamed scumbag.

And Trump turned his back on American women as fast as he could. He obviously is oblivious to the old adage “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” It is especially true if the anatomy involved is not their hearts and is their reproductive parts. He may discover that his attack on Planned Parenthood leads to an insurgency that ambushes the Trump presidency and brings about his downfall. One thing is for certain, American women are not going to rollover for the Trumpsters. And I suspect that those stupid men that support the misogynist dogma coming out of the White House will be getting this response to their carnal request “rollover, honey” – “Go f%#k yourself.” ……. And that led to this

Callous to the backlash it will bring,
The misogynist in the West Wing
Gave women the slip.
He better get a grip….
And in Trump’s case, it’s no bigly thing!


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