An “A Dream Disappears And A Nightmare Reoccurs” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz


The Trump Administration is ready to take another shot at an immigration ban. The “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” approach to business has worked for him and with no regard for the collateral damage that comes with the “if at first you don’t succeed” part (or comprehension of the scope of damage a government will cause versus a casino going belly up), Trump plows on with his anti-immigration policies and immigrant discrimination. He also took the time, or didn’t take the time until he could avoid it no longer, to denounce the rise of anti-Semitism and heinous anti-Semitic hate crimes, which are terrorist acts and need to be treated as such. Bannon probably told him not to so he could see how the Alt-Right responded. I am sure Bannon believes there are more Jew-haters in America than there are Jews. There are not a lot of Jews. However, I am a Jew and an American and it is my moral and patriotic duty to use my First Amendment rights to speak out against the racism and hate that Trump is sanctioning and empowering. And it led to this –

The new immigration order refines
Trump’s racist policy designs.
When Bannon’s plan ramps
And they start building the camps,
You’ll need “papers” to cross a state line.

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