by mkvecchitto


Could it be that the sum of twisted experiences

culminate in the ultimate self-sacrifice?

When cords, those tenuous threads, that tie

reality and perception together


a broken mind resists

strangling tacit explanations

as voices scream down every corridor

She prefers to embrace anarchy as

even simple beauty is

swallowed by inky blackness

Why else would there be

a meadow of beautiful flowers

growing in this concrete cell?

Awareness and acceptance of this world

are requirements that for her

cease to exist



prompts: MindlovesMisery’s Menagerie photo challenge 153, Sunday’s Whirligig 99


5 Comments to “Breakdown”

  1. Nice style, I like this.

  2. Nicely stated on a delicate issue!!

  3. How dismal!….check out my blog

  4. M….you are the wrong person to write about `Breakdown`….consider this…I am about to go through 3 days of interogation for issues that happened in the 60`s….just to draw out these memories may be harmful….Don`t talk about breakdown unless you have been there…but…
    Cherish the sunshine
    Every day it comes to your life
    Then again…
    Appreciate the rain
    It is the cycle of Life

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