What Type of Wall

by graypoet
credit: fencepictures.org

credit: fencepictures.org


At one time or another we all put up walls around our heart
Maybe to protect what we feel we have with a special one
Perhaps it is to shield from pain we feel headed our way
Think what type of wall do you have when you are done.

Are you strong enough to build that wall to protect yourself
Will it be brick and mortar, reinforced with steel and ties
Do you build it solid and high, strong enough to last a while
Knowing it allows no access to stories, distractions or lies.

Do you leave room for doubt because your heart still yearns
Will you build a strong wall, but leave the window and door
Thoughts of security and yet leaving that path to return open
Maybe you forgive, yet want to follow the oath that you swore.

Do you make excuses for the pain or deception you were dealt
Maybe you hate to admit you wear your heart on your sleeve
So you build that wall only in your mind, out of straw and sticks
Because you hide the pain and can’t bear making anyone leave.

We all know the walls, whether we admit to anyone else, we see
Over time we leave evidence of the type of builder that we are
Others may try to help us improve or offer to help with these walls
Because, more often than not, they can read our heart, see our scar.


3 Comments to “What Type of Wall”

  1. Graypoet….every wall has an escape….one only has to look

  2. nIce to see you back after so long.

  3. Awesome ❤ it; nice to see you're posting's again.

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