Shadow Play

by Jem Croucher


It followed me from Brighton
up to the South Downs Way
staying well behind me
but close enough, I’d say
I know that it was with me
though when e’er I turned around
it always made itself quite scarce
as no trace of it I found

But as the day grew longer
and the sun sank to the west
it came around in front of me
and posed at my behest
If fact some others joined it
long, tall and handsome they
Moving with us as we walked
Our shadows there at play

Photo – Jempics


13 Comments to “Shadow Play”

  1. really nice, I often photograph my own shadow, poised huge and godlike over lesser things which earlier seemed to dominate and subdue.

  2. “posed at my behest” – that is the interesting one for me πŸ™‚

  3. Such a wonderful and playful description of a shadow! A fun read. I guess it is nature’s way of showing us that we are “real” and not just some spirit?

  4. Jem… could your shadow lead you to another dimension?….great picture

  5. Awesome post Jem πŸ™‚

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