Stealing Lily

by To Be Determined

I steal my kiss back
and give it to you
take it keep it
plant it drop it
into the deep blue sea
do we trust
this waterfall
its pool below
deep enough
to swallow us

I want to grow bigger
than the cliff
the water falls off
so I can catch you
float you
lift up the clouds
that cloak you
water your garden
with the rain
that collects
in my hands

will we pick this
lily before the
rabbit steals it?

Your eyes shine
light my way
down our path
we walk by the river
overflowing with rain
I need your light
for this lily.
Take it
kiss it
it is yours.


5 Comments to “Stealing Lily”

  1. Reblogged this on sailorpoet and commented:

    Very happy to announce my first post at the poets corner, please pop on over and explore the many great poets hosted there!

  2. Welcome to poets corner a lovely start and one of many.

  3. Welcome S….look forward to many more poems

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