God is…

by 50djohnson


september-23-2015-after-the-storm-065   May2015 133

When the storm clouds are all around me, and there seems no place to hide

My soul cries out to Jehovah God and I reach deep down inside.

For it is deep inside my soul I find provision everlasting

Knowing Jehovah Jireh is always ready to provide.

When darkness makes it hard to see and the path seems absurd,

Jehovah-Raah who knows the way,  the Lord,the good Shepherd.

The pain racks my body, no one understands how it feels

I turn to Jehovah Rapha, trusting the Lord that heals.

Needing the doubt and fear to cease

Jehovah Shalom embodies the essence of peace.

Times come predicting impending disaster,

Adonai will catch you for He is the Lord and Master.

I know who holds my future, on my face I thank Him nightly

For El Shaddai is faithful, He is my Lord God Almighty.

So when the storm clouds rumble and fill the sky so broad

Look up and remember Jeshua died for you, son of the Most High God!

160  April16 golden storm 021

11167408_10200662489000152_1017806099_o - Copy

photo by DjJ

Ask for permission from Deborah J. Johnson for words and Photos are copyrighted ! 2017


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