Channeling Calliope

by mkvecchitto


When once solid ground shifts beneath my feet

I search for solace in all I‘ve known before

Capricious sacrifice, blood and ink compete

Raw emotions rage, unrelenting mentor

Harnessing fear and angst to empower me

I claw at handholds and climb again

clinging to my muse, my calliope

armed only with words and this pen

To rise above it, the place where falling

scrapes away layers of the too familiar

I embrace her sweet voice calling

My trusted guide, my conciliar

And when angels fly,  her whispering voice

I’ll translate, creating prose and poetry to rejoice

photo: Pinterest

prompts: #MadVerse, #MSpoetry, WordPress Daily Post


4 Comments to “Channeling Calliope”

  1. Very nice. I really liked “capricious sacrifice, blood and ink compete”

  2. This is excellent!! Loved the line –
    “her whispering voice
    I’ll translate, creating prose and poetry to rejoice”

    Thanks for the introduction to Calliope! I love it when you can learn and be impressed at the same time. Thanks so much!

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