The Most Beautiful Flower

by markfahmy


Once I thought,
that the most beautiful flower
grows in the middle of fields.
And among the lush green,
she sways and dances with the breeze.

But now I know,
that the most beautiful of all
grows not in green.
But in the middle of solid rocks,
tries to be the tallest she can be
and gracefully blooms as if she was free.


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4 Comments to “The Most Beautiful Flower”

  1. Very good poem, thank you for sharing!

  2. So insightful a post! Loved the realization that the one most admired should be the one who fought against the odds and broke through the rock to make it and be as beautiful as one can be. I also find it interesting that I too have my eye attracted to the flowers and plants that thrive in the hardest places. So often these are the most artistically beautiful.

  3. Thanks a lot for your comment! I agree with what you say. Personally, I feel that these striving flowers can be often neglected by people, and the ones that grow in the easy good environment are the ones who get all the attention and are called ‘beautiful’. When I see these flowers in the middle of rocks, I see perseverance! 🙂

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