“with grace”

by Harry

Submitted by Anonymous


i closed my eyes at twelve
woke up by an electroshock at one
dressed myself up with my eyes half-closed
pausing every once in awhile
to feel my heart.
it’s become a necessity –feeling my heart,
because nothing here is realer than this.
My heart’s in time.
Still in time.

i walked down the sleeping streets
underneath the quiet stars,
to start the day.
in a moment,
i’d be in somewhere else,
i’d be sharing little laughter and little talks;
i’d become one with the song
of the people and of the place I’d never come to know.

i’ve been haunted by Sappho
and of the lullabies of the tapping keyboards;
i’ve been drowning in the thirst
to be part of something else
that’d make this beat inside of me
and lost in time.

so i stopped and turned around,
found a new road where my girls and boys are waiting,
a new road where things aren’t the way
they are in the Internet;
i closed my eyes and listened to the mellifluous clangour
of the poems that saved me;
i listened and beheld four, sad flashes what my life has been:
innocence, bravado, and physics of suicide;
i beheld and felt my belly swollen with lighters;
i felt and swallowed a flame.

And now, I don’t exist in time,
not sure if it’s right
but who know what’s right?
It’s so good right here,
I’m flowing through the world’s shit
–with grace.


4 Comments to ““with grace””

  1. Loved the lines –
    “i walked down the sleeping streets
    underneath the quiet stars,
    to start the day.”

    A great example of how poets see and hear things that others around don’t. How they are more sensitive to their surroundings and inner voices. Great post.

  2. Wow! Such excellent expressiveness.

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