The Winter Word

by Jem Croucher


If I were a penguin
I’m sure I’d think it nice
when all was cold around me
and the ground was thick with ice

But I am not a penguin
(although they are my favourite bird)
As I hanker after summer warmth
and dislike the ‘Winter’ word


Photo – Jempics

4 Comments to “The Winter Word”

  1. A sentiment shared by my wife, (born in Hawaii). I guess we are forced to faced each season? I lived in San Diego, Calif. where there is almost no change in seasons and it is nice to have “some” change. As long as it’s not too long or too severe. Well done!!

  2. Yes, I’ve heard that about folks from the UK. Moving would be hard. How about 3 month vacations to a warm place???

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