~ Being Human

by ladyliterati


“Strive as we might, our humanity keeps us from perfection -that great illusion – And it is our humanity that tortures our thoughts when a “mistake” has been made. A mistake is paid for once, yet, our humanity guilts us, shames us, ’til we bankrupt our souls, still, believing we can obtain the unattainable…the perfect”… O’Prunty 2/13/17


4 Comments to “~ Being Human”

  1. Humanity always strives for perfection, when in fact our imperfections makes us beautiful and unique.

  2. Perfection will never be gained by mankind.

  3. We are driven to appear perfect and externally we can somewhat achieve this by our social media profiles and what we post on our time lines. But, our social media profiles or even our blogs don’t necessarily reflect a good chunk of our imperfect lives. I think people fear honesty because they’re afraid of sharing with the world the truth.

    Great post. 🙂

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