Widewater Teazles

by Jem Croucher


Widewater teazles
on a cold winter’s day
the air was quite frigid
and the water was grey

There was no-one around
when we got there at three
Just Obi and Basil, our dogs
Sal and me

So we went for a walk
with the tide going out
some gulls near the water
but no people about

We weren’t there for long
‘Cos it really was chilly
and to get all a shiver
would have been rather silly

But we said a ‘hello’
to our fiend there, the sea
then went back to the warm
for a hot cup of tea

Photo – Jempics

Widewater is a shallow saline lagoon situated on marshland from sediments formed by the River Adur, the mouth of which enters the sea at Shoreham in West Sussex. The lagoon became isolated when the southern shingle bank developed through a combination of storms and longshore drift. The lagoon is tidal and is fed by sea water permeating through cracks in its thin clay bed. Its northern shore now borders the A259 coast road along which south-facing housing has gradually developed over the past two hundred years. To the south, the shingle bank separates the lagoon from the sea. The seaward strip is colloquially known as ‘The Long Mile“.


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