The Serial Killer

by Sebastian St.John Montgomery-Greystoke

the-ripperI still remember my very first victim

He lent me a hammer and died when I hit him.


The specialist diagnosed me a ‘psychopath’

Sadly she was later found drowned in the bath.


When I was older I was sent to a shrink

He died as well. He was strangled I think.


Now every weekend I’ll polish my gun

Put on my mask and head out to have fun.


I prefer to kill women, I kill them at night

I drag them down alleys where they scream and they fight


If I want to kill quietly I’ll use my big knife

There’s a notch on the handle for each taken life.


I’ll chop up my prey, small pieces I’ll take

A  special reminder, a grisly keepsake.


Toes and eyeball, or long golden locks

Morbid mementoes which I keep in a box.


When I’ve had my fill I’ll dispose of the body

I do this alone, it’s a solitary hobby.


Rolled up in a carpet or dumped in a lake

I’ll comfort the family when I go to the wake.


My hero is Jack the Victorian Ripper

But I’m killing more people and I’m doing it quicker.


I can’t fight these urges so the corpses they mount

Police files record the vast body count.


Forensic teams search with dogs and with diggers

The number of dead has now hit triple figures.


But a wiley detective who’ been long on my tail

Has uncovered a clue which will send me to gaol.


So I’ll spend my last days locked up in a cell

And cometh the end, roast slowly in hell.


4 Comments to “The Serial Killer”

  1. That is one serious humour poem

  2. Gruesome story of a crazy man. Good gosh amighty!!!!! Creepy!

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