Thanks Hon, Happy Val-en-tines !

by Colly

Poetry challenge: Valentines poem.




We live in a fourteen foot (the width) mobile home

and as much as I love and prefer this place

over our previous dwelling’s,

a three story townhouse and a two story house,

there is only so much usable wall space per room.



And so, I was telling my husband how I

noticed he was taking up more floor

space in our master bedroom than myself –

with his dresser, laundry basket and an exercise apparatus.

The queen sized bed on my end

aligns with the double door mirrored closet;

allotting only enough room, in-between,

for a small night stand and my slippers.



As with his response to my inquiry,

my husband emphasis’s prosaically, on repeat,

that he can and will allow up to at-least

six more inches of space on my side of the bed!




(personal photo)


5 Responses to “Thanks Hon, Happy Val-en-tines !”

  1. Whoa??? Has he not heard of the cliche (but true none the less) “Happy Wife, Happy Life?”. Oh, I think he might be in for some “shaming”? But on the other hand, consider the source, he’s a guy? I’m still lucky to be holding onto half of my closet space. Very funny! I think your fan club will be increasing with this post.

    Have a Happy Valentine’s! Maybe you should try the old saying, if they give an inch, take a mile! Well, maybe that was an old army saying, oh well, see if it works.

    • I’ve been struggling with a head cold for the last few day’s; it’s that pressure – plugged feeling that never drains…anyway, thanks so much for the lovely reply, Jem 🙂


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