Spring of renewal – “freedom”

by Colly


Where do the roses go…

when the thorns, in life,

vanquish all your dreams…

and what you’re left with

is blood pooling at your


Where do the butterflies fly…

when the scenery, in life,

parches dry and what you’re

left with is tumbleweed

tossing in the wind?

Where do the leaves bud…

when the earth shrouds in white?

And what you’re left with is,

stiff, frostbit branches, boughs…

too laden to breathe…

or to form greenery.

Where do the flora’s grow…

when the surrounding’s,

in life, soils, as to bereft?

And what you’re left with,

in society, is shard’s of hope…

While grown men, fasten,

tie nooses with a rope!

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4 Comments to “Spring of renewal – “freedom””

  1. Whoa!!!! How wonderful is this post!!! So Awesome! There are so many lines that I loved, but especially the last four – stunning. I’m hooked and following!

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