by mikeb

What is the purpose
Of living a life
Conformed to a world
That’s stagnating in strife
Where beauty is laughed at
And it is the norm
To follow the devil
In one aimless swarm.

We run with the lemmings
Towards that great drop
Where if we don’t turn round
We’re in for the chop
A future of torment
Unbearable grief
And all cause we followed
The life taking thief.

Hitch up with Jesus
Before it’s too late
The planet is dying
And doomed to it’s fate
Don’t take forever
It’s now time to choose
The One who’s forever
Or one bound to lose.


2 Comments to “CHOICE”

  1. Loved your line – “We run with the lemmings”. I have felt that way about the “herd mentality” we see in society for a long time. I’m not optimist about that changing anytime soon what with a lack of reading, video games, fake news etc. Keep up the good work

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