A “DeVos American Dream” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

A billionaire lobbyist with no background in public service or education wants to be the Secretary of Education. You have to ask why, because billionaires don’t become billionaires without asking the essential capitalist question, “What’s in it for me?” That question has no altruism attached to it and public service and especially education are supposed to be about altruism. Teachers are the most altruistic people in this country and they certainly are not in it for the money.

Private enterprise is about profit and the bottom line. That is the measure of success for charter schools and not reading, science and math proficiency. For those who paid for a charter education only to find it lacking and way behind a public school education, the hopes of providing a way for their children to achieve the American Dream has become a nightmare when their children are not prepared for the real world that demands an education to advance.

Her plan for school privatization
Has no educational foundation.
The DeVos American Dream
Is a pyramid scheme….
It’s “all about the money” motivation!

One Comment to “A “DeVos American Dream” Limerick”

  1. How many more tragedies are We to endure under this so-called presidential elect? (@–>–)

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