Memory and Bliss

by Morgan

Memory and Bliss

Speak to my Heart, O Love;

Sing from my Soul, to Yours, True One;

Enrapture me with the Blissful Touch of Your Love

And I shall Ever Know True Happiness,

True Contentment;

In Knowing You


In Being Known by You,

Dearest, Sweetest Love of my Heart,

Soul of my Soul,

Breath of my Breath,

Memory and Bliss,

Beguilingly Melded

In Every Moment we Share,

In Every Moment we have yet to Share,

In Every Moment Until

We are United Once Again

In this Truest Love.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Karol Bak. Thank You!

12 Comments to “Memory and Bliss”

  1. Ah, definitely Tuesday. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Jerri Perri.

  3. Beautiful poem, makes me feel young and in love!

  4. Morgan, what a wonderful post! I love it. A really great description of what a soulmate really is. Perhaps you might like to come visit my post – “How Do You Know If You Have Found Your Soulmate”.

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