by Joel Kravitz

Poetry challenge: Valentines poem.


It is something in which I would like to believe,
Despite being the fine art of how to deceive.
The incantations say “Love Is Grand,”
But hearts can be broken by sleight of hand.
Is Magic nothing more than a contrived illusion?
I prefer to embrace an illogical conclusion
That there is Magic in human attraction
And it ignites a powerful, natural reaction
That overwhelms the body and mind
To search for something you may never find.
Still, I believe that the moment her eyes met mine,
I knew that Magic is Something that is Truly Divine


5 Responses to “Magic”

  1. Should this line “To search for something you may never mind” should end in “find”?

  2. Very nice!!! You should enter this on the Daily Post – Daily Prompt page for the word “Overwhelm”?? If you haven’t already. Come see my post – “How Do You Know If You Have Found Your Soulmate”.


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