Black Shuck

by Sebastian St.John Montgomery-Greystoke

-If roaming lost, in thickest fog

Or traipsing through the gloom,

You sense a dark and spectral dog

Tis a portent of your doom!


Do not venture from the path

For hunting on the moors

Is a hound that’s bigger than a calf

With snapping, slavering jaws!


To see it once is sore bad luck

But again you’ll likely spy

And when if thrice you spot Old Shuck

You’ll soon most surely die!


Diabolic Grim, unleashed from Hell

To round up the condemned

And drag them back to where he dwell

To face their grisly end!


A prowling beast who owns the night

Haunting forest, field and lane

Delivering terror, installing fright

With evil eyes aflame!


Repent my friend, and do it soon!

Please don’t tell me no

Or Barghest you’ll meet by light of moon

And he’ll take you down below


For me this warning came too late…

I saw him yester morn’

He stalked me by the church yard gate

Before the break of dawn!


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