by Jem Croucher


I walked this way so many times
the route I made my own
Knew everything about it
from where I worked to home
Yet, walking there this morning
there’ve been changes over time
Not least of which the view I see
on the Brighton city line

For now instead of open sky
from the churchyard on the hill
Brighton’s i-360 tower
looms omnipresent still
It’s really a monstrosity
(though some would disagree)
A spike upon the skyline
in Brighton by the sea


Photo – the ‘spike’ of Brighton’s i-360 tower looms between the trees seen from St Nicholas churchyard – Jempics. The ‘British Airways i-360’ is a 162-metre (531 ft) observation tower on the seafront of Brighton, near to the remains of the West Pier. It opened for business in August 2016.


2 Comments to “i-360”

  1. I like reading the descriptions in rhyme and meter of the places you visit along with the photographs. It is like a metrical diary.

    • If it helps to add a little to why I’ve written something – the narrative comes . After all, ‘Jemverse’ is ‘life in words’. Thanks for taking the time to mention it though. Much appreciated.

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