by Sebastian St.John Montgomery-Greystoke

The lights are buzzing, they’re really far too brightmoor2

The phones don’t stop ringing…this just isn’t right


I’m sipping cool tea from a plastic vending cup

There’s too much to do and I want to give up





Everyone’s breathing in recycled air

Focussed on targets. Not me, I don’t care


I go to the window and look out at the trees

I envy the boughs as they sway in the breeze


I’d rather be swimming, or rolling in the hay

Than wasting my life here, slaving away.


Grass ‘neath my toes and wind in my face

Anything but working in this God-forsaken place.


Please let me out, I just want to be free!

I’m not living my life as it was meant to be!


I’ll delete all my emails, the source of all my ills

I’ll take my packed lunch and run to the hills


Or set light to this office, and send it up a’flame

Then rejoice that no two days will again be the same


I no longer care if we make and sell our goods

These things don’t matter when you’re living in the woods


No spreadsheets, no plans, just sun and moon and cloud!

….Oh, I’m very sorry – have I been thinking this out loud?!


2 Comments to “LET ME OUT”

  1. I LOVED THIS!! What a great post. You just kept recapturing in line after line the way that most of us have always felt about our “work life”. Seems you had a vision of life beyond the rat race. You hit it out of the park!

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