Defying Winter

by mkvecchitto


When the view from everyday life is overwhelming and the familiar becomes strange
I long to feel the sun burning my tender skin again, just to feel alive

When the same street below is vacant and dreary and the cold seeps in, somehow penetrating shuttered windows and closed doors, and the only sound is suffocating  silence…

Silence… I slip and fall

Silence…as treacherous as that ice on the sidewalks below

Soft snowflakes swirl, falling from the grey sky and pile on my windowsill


and then a single bloom


a reminder of what’s to come

in due time

photo:Roger Bultot

prompts: Friday Fictioneers, #TastyPrompt, WordPress Daily Post


8 Comments to “Defying Winter”

  1. Your last lines say it all and so well,
    “and then a single bloom
    a reminder of what’s to come
    in due time”

    I loved it!! Gave me a great feeling. Thanks for that. It reminded me of the same feeling from the song, “The Rose”. Great song. Give it a listen if you haven’t heard it. Come visit?

  2. Thanks for that link.
    There is a really great book if you want to learn keyboards – “How To Play The Piano Despite Years Of Lessons”. It is written to help you learn to play by ear. I loved it.

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