A “Trump Has Whose Back?”Limerick

by Joel Kravitz


President Trump has set in motion the dismantling of the Federal regulations that were put in place after the 2008 financial crisis which wiped out so many of his supporters, leading to their disillusionment and willingness to turn to anyone who would promise them that he would improve their lots without ever telling them how he was going to do it. Though it may appear that it is “the blind leading the blind,” be sure that Trump has a clear vision of what he is going to do….and not for his blind followers who will be worse off when Trump’s plan goes into effect. And that led to this….

Trump promised to help the “have-nots,”
But he’s really going to worsen their lots.
Removing Dodd-Frank protections
Is for his Wall Street connections…..
A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots!

One Comment to “A “Trump Has Whose Back?”Limerick”

  1. I cannot see him serving his 4 years, he is so unpresadental , he does not have a good word about anyone who goes’ against him, using twitter etc.

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