A Day’s Journey

by kim blades, writer



It starts as a fire on the eastern horizon

with grey clouds its smoke

and blue sky its containment,

then the golden heart is visible

gelding the ‘smoke’ with glory

scattering it into silver dust

which gathers together again

to hail the glorious rising

of the golden orb’s majesty

into the sky blue heavens,

the pulsing fiery heart of life

again surrounded by clouds,

a golden orb silvered by

its protective steely shield


advancing across a silken

tapestry of rich royal blue,

leaving a deserted grey

horizon in its wake

saddened by its loss

of warmth and glory,



the now white hot orb

shrugs off its silver shield

seeking to wield its power

alone, mighty, unchallenged

by weaker celestial beings,

it reigns supreme

in the noon of its content

all mighty, all powerful

blindingly bright,

all beneath sapped

and weakened by its

tyrrany and strength

unrelenting until the

inevitable decline begins,

a downward journey

towards the end of day,

a retinue of soldiers

again meet and protect

an older, weaker tyrant

of the suppliant sky.

His majesty is cloaked

in royal red and purple

robes of abdication

that is never permanent,

merely a restorative rest

at the end of a day’s journey.







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