A Runaway Sunset

by pacific

Sunset Silhouette by Arman Zhenikeyev

Do my words reach you, do they goad you in your sleep?

Do they pierce through your slumber, your obscure dreams?

Or do they slither aimlessly, caught in the pull of vacancy,

Reeling through your open hands, pummeling down in defeat.

Catch my cry in your sail, the weathered reams,

Blink back to my flickering heart from your celestial masonry.

Oh rattle my disbelief, of a world where we actually meet,

I’ve been dreaming of you, even when I’m not asleep.

This ghost ship is fumbling, tumbling at the seams,

Within quiet corners of my mind, alcoves in the deep.

I’m the dying wisp, the receding convoy, the retreating fleet.

Fighting the relentless current, going against the streams,

Meet me halfway between the sky and sea.

Unravel the ties of dreams and reality,

Lets get lost in the crimson hues that we weep,

Within this runaway sunset at the edge of our feet.



Photo: http://www.pinterest.com


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