A “What Would Jesus Do?” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz


How is it that so many people that claim to be Christians and cling to the misguided belief that America is a Christian nation show total disregard to the teachings of Jesus? Hypocrisy is living a lie, which would explain how these people would be drawn to a pathological liar instead of guided by The Truth – Love Is God’s Greatest Gift. And that led to this….

A religious freedom act would be Hate beseeching.
It goes against everything Jesus was teaching.
He taught God’s Love is all-inclusive
And God’s Grace is not exclusive….
It’s God’s Golden Rule it would be breaching!


2 Comments to “A “What Would Jesus Do?” Limerick”

  1. If I have failed to mention so previously, then allow me these few a words, these moments to say that there is a Je Nais Sais Quio about all of your Limericks. At least for me. They are always so fabulous and expressive, but also there’s hidden meaning, feeling behind each extravagant posting -something more that the reader walks away from and cannot clearly define or explain its deeper Marvelousness. (@–>–)

  2. To me, Christianity is a club where I always feel as if I have to pass a test to get in. But by his example, we know that Jesus was just the opposite. He loved everyone whether they believed in the message he was trying to convey or not. The times when I’ve felt the most judged and condescended to in life have been with Christians trying to get me to be more judgmental and fear-mongering like they are. I just can’t go there. I gotta be free of that.

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