A “Going Kicking And Screaming Where The Screams Are Real”Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Getting back to humor (or humour, for my friends that spell it that way.)

I turn 69 today. Keeping with my mantra of “going kicking and screaming,” I am guarding my health with diet and exercise. Guarding my health is very important to me. I have always tried to stay fit. I am at my college weight and I usually feel great. But it is starting to take a little longer to recover from a hard workout and I find myself kvetching a lot more …. and it led to this…

Though my fitness level is astounding,
When the post-workout pain starts pounding,
“Uhhhh,” “Ohhhh,” and “Oy”
Are not cries of joy…
What they are is called “Old Man” sounding!

3 Comments to “A “Going Kicking And Screaming Where The Screams Are Real”Limerick”

  1. I take daily walks and do yoga at a gym along with chair yoga offered at the local library to keep my posture right and breathing deep. There is usually no pain with this, but when I see people in the gym on those machines, I can imagine how uncomfortable that must be.

  2. Old men’s pains, I know what its like at times, I was never one for fitness of any sort, I believe its no good for you in the end.

  3. your friends spell humour the right way, the Americans changed a lot of the standard English spelling just to be different.

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