Poem of the Day – Private Window

by paturnerlee

Private Window


Wincing in cracked china

Clamouring for detail

Sweet; crushed velvet purple memories


Drifting past

Aghast, slippery on ice shadows

Growing red and carbon grazed prisons

Gates rattling

Teeth chattering as the wind blows


Oh the wind blows blizzards of balloons

Floating in the mind

Slithers of tinkling shatter the terrain

Inseparable from the laughter


Built on brisk built bellows

Fellows in silk sewn surplice

Now a far gone mystic dream

An upper world

A mesmerising deep blue dream


Climbing teeth sawn wood way gone trickery

Wise up

Sink down

To a level playing field


February 1st 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

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