A Huanting Scene

by newrana

I gazed at a man’s slow, weary walk,
clad in all white with a stick in hand,
bent double down like a neck of a stork,
with a knot of white hair tied with a band.

Holding white flowers next to his heart,
with down-cast eyes in meditating mood
murmuring some verses learnt so smart,
he looked forward to end evils for good.

The scene, for some time, flashed in my mind,
and it was later, eclipsed with the time
by flirting scenes that I saw in my prime,
yet it once again seems to haunt my mind.


4 Comments to “A Huanting Scene”

  1. Beautiful. And this would most definitely qualify as a haunting experience. (@–>–)

  2. Thank you again for your kind response, and encouragement.

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