A Trump Transparency Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

One thing can be said about President Trump – he is completely transparent. He certainly was during the campaign. Sadly, the more outrageous and egregious the revelations, and the more that the fringe and the disillusioned disregarded the misogyny, bigotry and lies, the bolder Trump became. Then theĀ unthinkable happened – those who thought he couldn’t be elected because he is so defective made a bad decision by not voting and the fringe, the disillusioned and the women who rejected Hillary Clinton elected him President. His delusional megalomania increased exponentially. But when faced with a moment of truth – his inauguration and the women’s march – he showed his true colors (which is as close to “truth” that he’s going to come) and turned the vindictive bully loose with his executive orders. Which led to this…..

With his maniacal transparency.
Trump is flaunting his dependency.
He’s addicted to power
And he’s making us cower…
With his disdain for decency,

3 Comments to “A Trump Transparency Limerick”

  1. Sounds like Armageddon’s monster.
    Sad state of affairs we are in now.

  2. Thanks for weighing in, Joel. For my entire career, I have kept politics out of my wall. Now I find my country is at stake and I can no longer be silent. THANK YOU for using your voice to wake people up and RESIST.

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