by Harry

Submitted by Lori MdKendrick

I had two boys, but now they have gone away
Now my life is full of grey
The loss has rattled me to the core
They are still in this world, but do not want to talk to me anymore
Raised by an alcoholic father and a mother who was an enabler
I do not need to ask why, I can see the hatred in their eyes
Everything I thought I had done right,
Appeasing the alcoholic, and never speaking out,

Thinking things will get better, when you suddenly realize they won’t
Alcohol is only a symptom, trying to make the pain go away
When actually the problem is society, and the isms they have created to stay
It has caused chaos, turmoil, and led families astray
Capitalism, Commercialism, Communism, Conformism, Conventionalism, Cultism, Alcoholism, Narcissism, Ageism, Alarmism, Agnosticism, Moralism, Antagonism, Antiblackism, Chauvinism, Defeatism, Divisionism, Feminism, Egoism, Racism, Socialism, Escapism, Fascism, Hypercriticism, idealism,
I have just listed a few isms that override our lives
So if one person says it, and the word does get out,
Then maybe one day our families will thrive
I know someone is paying attention to me
Even if only one person gets it, my job is done
Lori McKendrick
January 28 2017


One Comment to “Isms”

  1. Life can be exceptionally difficult when dealing, loving a beloved alcoholic. Strive and persevere, if only for Yourself.

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