The Summer Garden

by kim blades, writer

The summer garden is a mix of colours and shades

lots of different greens, golds, yellows and reds

with scatterings of white alyssum in shady glades

and yellow roses sunning in brown earth beds

while red ones climb the wall like escaping knaves

the lawn is a patchwork of gold kikuyu and green sedge

amongst which painted barbets strut like braves

and blue kingfishers stare down from the edge

of the pool at tiny grey frogs trying to hide in caves

made by the intertwined roots of lilies and hedge

the irridescent dragonflies hover above waves

caused by a kingfisher diving down off the ledge

hunting frogs the sticky brow mud cannot save

murky depths are stirred by a spear-sharp dredge

and doves coo a lament above the rock pool graves

sitting high up in trees on a mottled branch ledge

to butterflies cooling  in silver grey  shade.


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