A “Goodbye To What Really Makes America Great” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

The Executive Orders are flying out of the Oval Office and they are disturbing to Americans that believe that America is at it’s best when we are a kinder and gentler nation. That was the political ideology of a Republican President who spent his entire life in public service and followed by the two Democratic Presidents that came after him. Sadly, President Bush’s son abandoned it with disastrous results as we went to war and had a brutal recession. Now it appears that kinder and gentler have been cast to the void. Fortunately, we live in a country where We, The People, can bring it back. But until we do…..

The mean Orange Elephant in the room
Has given “kinder” and “gentler” the broom.
It’s great for Big Biz.
The only question is….
It makes America great again…FOR WHOM????


4 Comments to “A “Goodbye To What Really Makes America Great” Limerick”

  1. A very nice limerick! And what you wrote is exactly how most American feel today. Thank you for writing this great post!

  2. “It makes America great again…FOR WHOM????” – for the perpetual bridegroom.

  3. like the limerick. I think he means making America great again with “great” meaning invasions of sovereign nations; consorting with the enemy; and general bullying.

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