by Renwick Berchild

Again, we collide, double minded with dueling heartbeats,
Strumming lungs stricken and tightened in a sharp heave,
Lacing legs together to drive out frosty winters, cruel lovers,
Parents that pulled at our arms and swam about us like bees,
Wild animals, clawing, digging ourselves out the ocean
So we might be free, free, from pulsing rancor, mucked,
Ugly dreams, devils that dog us like licking fire, asking its
Questions that scratch the skin with steel wool, sandpaper,
We lap the blood as we follow the rivulet down the mountain,
Homeward we send our sealed letters down the mountain,
Wishes instilled with ink, sweat, tears, left in the windy drome.


5 Comments to “Drome”

  1. Wow! Powerful stuff
    “Parents that … like bees ” is a tremendous line for me.
    more please.

  2. Thought this line was especially awesome: “devils that dog us like licking fire”.

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