King of the Sky

by kim blades, writer

The morning sun glared at me as I opened the curtains,

it seemed to be right in front of my face

causing me to flinch involuntarily and close my eyes.

It burned blindingly bright, hanging suspended

in blueness still clean and untarnished

in the six am sky.

The startlingly bright silver ball of fire is surrounded by a golden halo

which diminishes in intensity as the sun that is day matures

and the fireball ascends becoming a more intensely golden orb

infinitely richer and hotter than its youthful silver form

but only reaching the zenith of its power a little later than midday

after which its vibrant rule will begin to dim

weakening by the hour until it basks

in a vermillion hued old age

and finally abdicates its rule of the heavens

and sinks into its dusky welcoming bed

only to be resurrected and ascend its throne of sky

again in all its might and glory

with each new day’s heraldic dawn.



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