After Death – 2. Puking Memories

by OrangeDilip


Eyes of mother
Face of mother
Fatherly whiffs
Black shoe polish
Understanding genders
Attracting genders
Rank holders
Daddy outings with brother
Mom twisted my thigh meat
for espying pale girl thighsGrey small apples
Green sour mangoes
Red Velvet cakes
Cricket bat cracked my temple
Black thread Stitches and blood
Refraction index
Magnetic compass needles
Wills world cup semi-Finals
Rubber ball crickets
old man’s curse
Red Geometry box
Dirt biting Knees –Kneel dance
White shirt pockets with badge
First Kiss on the lips
Second Kiss on the cheeks
English teacher’s hair
Jumbled Mathematics
Ink chemistrys
Sodium Chloride & Sulphur dioxides
Theory of relativitys
Theory of Corpusculars
cowboy pupil under sun
Horse’s Nostril meat
Steve Job’s iPhone
Girl attractions are
Orange linear disintegrations
Navy blue skirts
are green sperms
Snake skins are
Silvery blue oval balls
Memories are colored debris and
circles of white hormones
black god fingers
Eggs of time are
white molecular zoologies
Rich memories disslove
like salt in water
I am unconsciously fragmented
I am elastically imploded
puking memories of the dead


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