The world goes’ by.

by Harry

I sit here on my rocker
warm cup of tea in hand
watching the world go by
deep within my thoughts
wondering how things will go
with the world to-day

people rushing off to work
not a minute to spare
no time to stop and say hello
children meandering to school
kicking a can as they go
not a care in the world
pensioners will be about later
going to collect their pensions
a quick trip by bus into town
some shopping a quick cup of tea
I see the postman, he passes us by
no bills to-day, they’ll keep
cars and vans come and go
the day gets busy now
the school football team
go into the playing field
they must have a match to-day
it will keep them fit
and out of trouble
coming to a close now
it’s getting quite
people coming home again
time to close the blinds
block the world outside
settle down for TV to-night
I suppose it will be another
night of crap programmes

2 Comments to “The world goes’ by.”

  1. people rushing of (off) to work
    it’s getting quite (quiet)
    night if (of) crap programmes

    What is that old saying, ‘Same Sh*t, Just a different day.’ A marvelous poem regardless. And you must have one heck of the a view from your rocker. (@–>–)

  2. Thank you, a good view 🙂

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