Such a Tiny Thing

by Anita Lubesh


Sing little bird,
fly overhead,
rest in the trees’
wavering breeze.
Lift the curtain high at dawn
let the flickering candles yawn.
Tall trees aglow,
clouds full of snow,
laden with light,
sing black on white,
snow flurry sneeze
small feathers freeze.
Fly little bird
lift up and fight,
go little bird
circle the light,
sleep little bird,
peaceful goodnight.
Try little bird,
lift your wings while you’re still singing
soon the night will warm your dreaming.
Fly little bird
reach for the night,
go little bird,
shy winter’s light.
Warm your body, melt the snow
for the daylight crisp below.
Go little bird,
sleep little bird,
find the songs you sweetly sing,
nestle there ’til winter’s still.
Go little bird,
up to the night,
fly little bird
soundly tonight.
See the moon she’s smiling for you
shivering stars their arms are open too,
so go little bird,
fly little bird,
high little bird,
hush little bird,
soon will come the voices of the morn
joyous little creature of our dawn.
Go little bird,
fly little bird,
sleep little bird,
twilight is heard.
Go little bird…

Picture: Our World’s View


5 Comments to “Such a Tiny Thing”

  1. I truly believe that this story would make for an awesome children’s book. (@–>–)

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