To keep and to hold

by Jem Croucher


There is never a time
when a visit is not
unrewarding for me
whether chilly or hot
It is always refreshing
a pleasure and more
For there are always the
treasures along the seashore
Precious stones for the finding
to keep and to hold
The richness of beauty
far better than gold
And I have many of these
found there over time
Each one given home
as they became mine
Stones with a hole
through which I can see
Each wonderful finds
I trust you’ll agree

Photo – Jempics

6 Comments to “To keep and to hold”

  1. I am just like you about going there anytime! In fact in the dead of winter it was so beautiful, and quiet. A beach that is crowded with thousands would have maybe one or two others on it. Loved it. (Even though now I live in Florida and it’s never cold, lol, at least not like up north!)

  2. I like picking up things on the beach. Some day I tell myself I’ll find out what that fossil is or what that stone is made of, but I am in no hurry. Let the mystery remain.

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