by dokurtybitz

I want to watch it burn,
Leave nothing but
Ghost town remnants
No sound from mankind

Or his works,
Just the illusion
Of peace.

8 Comments to “-06.01.17_22:10-”

  1. Your writings are destructively beautiful. It has the feels.

  2. No peace with or without mankind because it is all happening inside your head.
    It’s what I’m getting. That the self I robbed of peace.
    Anyway cool poem.

  3. A million years ago..

    He burnt all he could,
    In search of that illusory peace,
    Having burnt all he could,
    He sat down to taste it, and then,
    A noise erupted from within,
    “Where the hell is peace?”
    Next moment,
    He began to recreate all he burnt,
    For the noise affirmed,
    “That’s when you will find peace.”

    That’s how it has continued back and forth for a million years now, right until today, when I read another such poem! :D.

    Loved your “peace”, oops I mean piece! 🙂

  4. It wasn’t personal, dear friend. It was just to state that time and again humans have been in such a quandary. You and I are representatives of this human kind. Apologize, if it felt wrong.

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